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Lausanne 2020

Thursday, January 16th. Sam took Molly to Lausanne. Molly was in the athletes' village, a new complex built for the University of Lausanne. Molly was dropped off into the hands of her team. They are very much self-contained during competitions.

Friday was spend visiting the venue at the Vallée de Joux and training on the course

Saturday - Cross Free - 1.2km sprint

This is a one-off Olympic competition. With jumps, berms and some weird bumps too. Not something Molly has much experience racing. Though looking at how fast the Swedes went, it looks like something they are used to! Molly was seeded 72/80. Knowing this probably would not be her strong point she was calm and relaxed. In the qualifications, she finished 51st. So way ahead of her seeded spot. In a time of 5m48, just 1m down on the winner. Only the top 30 go through to the knock-out stages.
There are highlights of this event here

Sunday - 1km sprint

This event is more a classic knock-out sprint. Like Saturday, it started with a qualification round. Molly was seeded 74/80. She did even better on this event finishing 48th in 3m, 20s down on the winner. Molly beat one of the French team on this event. However, didn't make the top 30. Highlights are available here

Tuesday - 5km classic ski

Molly is used to this event. It is something she has experience of racing. It was a tough day though, seeded 63rd Molly went off fast and on the first split was in 40th position. However, stomach cramps got the better of her on the second lap and she finished in 18min, 3m44 down on the winner. Highlights are available here.

Molly spent Wednesday supporting the GB speedskaters on their relay and the evening at the closing ceremony. We brought her home on Wednesday evening and she was back in school on Thursday!

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